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Random Photos From Before The Snow Melted


Cottonelle Ultra Comfort - I Don't Like It

This is a roll of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Butt Paper. I got 24 rolls as an add on from Amazon. Well I don't like it much at all. It is very thick and not very absorbent. I am going threw it 3x faster than the Purex I normally get. As well the Purex soaks stuff up better, thus I use less. So I won't be getting Cottenelle again. It's just not worth it even at the low price I paid for it. I have issues - so I use a lot of T.P. so it's not worth getting cheep stuff I will use too fast.

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Weight Loss Update

This week did not suck like last week did. So managed to drop 5.4 lbs despite the fact I got into pie and pizza one day. The Vegan bean thing is doing it once again. For the rest of the month I'll be eating the same dang thing. It's boring as heck, but it does the job.

Here is a random tip though, a lot of people can't drop weight every week, you have to expect and plan on staying the same or a slight gain every few weeks. This was done learned me by someone who managed to dropp 400+ lbs. Something to do with the body getting used to losing weight and then changing in a way that can mess you up.

In any event I plan on doing mostly the same all of December. I'll eat 6 days a week the bean thing and 1 day a week I'll cheat on it. With luck this will show some results. I plan on going back to the beans twice a day and chicken once a day after that.

I'm told by my doctor that if you starve yourself, you can damage your body and cause organ failure and the like. So it&…

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The New Revolution Is Changing Us All

So over as compared to the previous years, Moose Jaw seems to have had a sharp increase in violence and drug use. But on a positive note, drinking and driving is down, even if people are using meth now - there is that to hold onto.
So tell me, was it surprisingly unexpected that the use of drugs and the amount of violence went up? We at one time referred to ourselves as the friendly city, is that still the case on average?
When I was a kid you could leave the door open to your home and not expect someone to walk in, punch you in the face and take your TV. Now I don't desire to go for a walk after dark - I would not think it a safe idea.
As well in my youth people would talk to you and hold the door for each other and not get upset if someone else got to a parking spot first. Now when I hold the door for someone, they either say nothing and don't make eye contact, or they bitch me out for being a sexist asshole. As for talking, stand in line at a till and see how many people say a…

Rather Random Saturday Playlist

Rational Youth - City of Night

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Urban Country - Gonna Need a Grave

Rammstein - Engel

Brother Dege - Crazy Motherfucker

Adam Gussow - Crossroads Blues

Skrillex - Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

David Lindley - Soul Of A Man

The Builders and the Butchers - Bringin' Home the Rain

Fibromyalgia, A General Talk About It

Fibromyalgia: So if you drink coffee it's bad for it. If you take a nape because you did NOT drink coffee it's bad for it. If you don't move enough it's bad for it. If you move too much it's bad for it. 80 of good tasting food is bad for it. Over the counter pain meds don't generally work well with it and doctors won't give you the good stuff anymore, not to mention Fibro sufferers tend to get used to pain meds fast and they stop working. Don't sleep well it's bad for it. Sleep too much it's bad for it. To cold it's bad for it. To hot it's bad for it. To dry it's bad for it. To hot it's bad for it. Basically if you get the right mix of everything once a year for a 3 or 4 hour stretch, you are doing good. BTW, I'd rather DIE than give up coffee.
Thing is 70% of the time I have not one idea why I'm flaring. I also flair in several ways, not just piles and piles of pain. Sometimes I end up itching all over to the point I lite…

50 Sky Photos Around Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan