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Hockey not health care? This is what happens...

This is the hospital room my Mom is in at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. It is such a good thing that 65% of people voted to spend money on a hockey rink instead of a hospital. Now my Mom is in a place that is like the third world surrounded by people who don't want to do their jobs. Three times she pushed the buzzer to get someone to empty the commode for her. They told her they would get to it later. 10 hours later I was there and whipped out the camera and asked a nurse to empty it and she did. Good thing they do their jobs so well. Sigh... When you need to threaten like that to get them to help a woman who can't walk on her own, what can you say about them? I have never been a fan of the people who worked there, but this is out of this world messed up! She has infection in her lungs and heart. I am afraid to leave her with these people. She needs a lot of help and they don't seem to be doing much in my mind. for the price of one of them they can have 2 care aids to