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Saving Money on my Protein

Normally I repack for 15 days. I need to get rid of it in less than that as there will be no room when I shop. So I packed it for 9 days. 7 days from now I shop and there will be 2 more boxes of chicken. It works out to about 10grams more protein per day than you need. I also get a bit of protein threw veggies and nuts as well, so I am never lacking in it. Been are our friend after all. If you use more than your share of protein then you body just turns it to fat so you need to keep active you your a big meat eater. Kind of a LOL coming from someone who is as over sized as I am I know - but hay I am learning. It's good to get both animal and plant protein BTW. Most people eat far too much of it, in fact 3X the amount they need. Men are the worst for this. I eat a tone of veggies and try to limit the carbs, but I love my pasta and eat some every other day at least. Just not more than a cup of it at a time. I stay the hell away from salt when I can but often put hot sa

2 DVD's

 Vol. 1 and 2 - One of the best movies I have ever seen. It's rather an art film, so be warned. This is a documentary film. Some great footage and incites.

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