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So I'm Old Now LOL

This is not for a few weeks - but I just noticed that this is in my calendar on my phone. Well I have NO recollection of putting it in there LOL. I guess I am old LOL.

Kids Cashed In Here On Halloween

So we had about 100 kids as normal I am told. this is the bags of candy they got at the front door to the building. So yup they cashed in here :) LOL. I was only there in passing on my way out with friends but had to pause and take a photo to share. I put in 2 bags of candy bars and many others put in stuff as well. So the kids got a pile of candy from us. There is about 95 people in the building and most gave something. It's all about spreading joy and letting the young ones have fun. They shut down at 8:30 when they ran out of bags and/or decided it was late enough to do so. The small amount of candy left over went over to the table where people where playing cards. So everyone had a treat :)

Not Appropriate Facebook!

This is just why I did NOT like the Halloween reactions on Facebook. So not appropriate to have a bunch of fecking monster faces instead of sad faces on a DEATH NOTICE. Sigh. Seriously. The mad was a great person who did so much for so many people and this is how Faceplant thinks the reactions should look. Sigh.

Interesting Coincidence

So about once a week we end up at the one cafe on the North Service Road. In the last two months I have seen five TransX trucks pull off the road in need of service in front of the place. Either on the highway or here on the Service Road as you see in the photo. Kind of wonder what kind of vortex is eating only their trucks out there. LOL. Kind of a strange coincidence.

5 Hours For Maintenance?

So at 2:25 am I stop watching Netflix and wonder how the bandwidth is doing for the month so far. I hit Shaw's web page and get this. So I go to bed. I wake up at 4:40 am (ish) and check it again - still down. Being it went down for maintenance at midnight, I got to wonder how long it takes them to do backups and so on and get this thing back up. I mean WOW at least 5 hours it seems. But it was for not, as I am nowhere near my limit for some strange reason. I been processing my vlogs before upload and they tend to only be 1/3 the size so the upload side of things is way down. Still I been hitting at least two hours a day on Netflix and watching more YouTube than ever, so I assumed I would end up being over the 150 mark by now, but NOPE. Then again the most I ever had was less than 200 GB and that was when I dumped 68 GB to the cloud in a week. So... Who knows. Guess I am safe with my 300 GB limit. I would hate to have to switch to Sasktel as they have only an 800 K

Because It Moves Me Play List

01 George Harrison - My Sweet Lord 02 Cat Stevens - Morning has Broken 03 Don McLean - Vincent 04 Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence 05 Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy [Remix] (2008 Remastered Version) 06 Elissa & Chris De Burgh - Lebanese Night 07 Odetta - House of the Rising Sun 08 Jack White - Death Letter 09 Il Divo - Amazing Grace 10 Schubert - Ave Maria

Top 10 Punk Songs

10 Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen 09 X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage! Up Yours! 08 Bad Religion - American Jesus 07 The Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict 06 I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones 05 Raw Power - Search And Destroy 04 The Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia 03 The Clash - White Riot 02 Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the U.K. 01 NOFX - I Gotta Pee

Sing (A Poem)

Sing David S. Nicholson Oct 27, 2016 There are words in the changing of the seasons. There are songs in the branches of the trees. There are dreams in the eyes of the dead. There are desires in the hearts of the many. A dog has more hope of seeing the beauty of the day than a man. A cat knows more of this world than most people will ever know. A bird knows more freedom from its cage than most of us. A horse bears its labours well, while we only grumble. There is no wisdom in things. There is no wisdom in money. There is no wisdom in anger. There is no wisdom in fear. Joy is what we want and most don’t find. Joy is what a child knows and his father has lost. Joy is what brings a smile to an old woman. Joy is what comes with peace. Sing for the candle light. Sing for the dreams you lost. Sing for the tomorrows that might not come. Sing for the light of dawn.

4 Bean Chicken Stew

2 Chicken Breasts (larger) 1 large can Chickpeas 1 large can black beans 1 large can red kidney beans 2 small cans pork and beans 2 large cans tomato’s (diced works best) Cup and a half mixed frozen veggies (or 2 cups depending on how much you like veggies). I used corn, peas, carrots and green beans. Cook the chicken breasts first then dice them. Add everything to a soup pot and cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat. Add seasoning to taste (I did not add anything). Should serve 5 people or yourself 5 times. If you’re a bigger eater, it will serve 4. Cost is about $11 where I am.

Best Facebook Post I have Seen Yet

Just can't say it any better than this myself. The ability to be a person of peace and a loving caring individual can come from any background. To hate someone because others of their group is not so nice, is seriously stupid in my mind. I know people from many religions and many who do not think there is a God at all. We have one thing in common, not one of us thinks we are better than the others. We share, we care and we give willingly. This is how to build a better tomorrow, not by force or the arrogance of saying "I'm right and you are not". I have to add that most of the people I hang out with have literally given their last dollar to others at times - I know I have. Some days it was way more important for someone else I did not even know to have $5 I was going to spend on a bag of chips than it was for me to have them chips. This is the measure of a good person in my mind and in the minds of most I know.

Cast Iron And The LIP

Last night people of Moose Jaw voted on the resolution to kill the LIP funding model for the cast iron water pipes that need replacing. Lets not bother with the fact that this should have been done 30 years ago, but with what it means to Moose Jaw if the LIP was to stay intact. Well the first thing you have to know it that it would put the price of funding this massive project on the owners of houses that had the line in front of them replaced. This means that ONLY the effected arias of town would have been hit with a large increase in money owed each year to the city. This also means that in the less affluent locations that are more likely to have the need for replacement, these people would be faced with the possibility of losing their homes over this. Driving poor families and old folks from their home and possibly out of the city is in my mind abominable. The fact that %20.73 of the people who bothered to vote for or against the resolution where all for the LIP makes me

The Fun That Is Bryce

Bryce 7.1 Pro is a hell of a cool program and they offered a scaled down version for free years ago and I got it. Then they offered the Pro version for free to registered customers and I got it. It is no longer free, but it is only $20. This is a highly popular program and has a massive amount of content available for it. It is also compatible with exported content from many other programs like Poser. Now I do have the next to latest version of poser and more than likely will never get a newer one unless I come into some cash in the future or have managed to against all odds save a bunch of money. Bryce is very easy to learn how to use and in fact I figured it out with no assistance from tutorials at all. I have managed over the years to get some spectacular images out of it, most of these being kind of abstracts known as 3D abstracts (like the one in the screen shot). My big concern for a six year old program that is no longer being updated and does not seem to be a new ve

Directed Marketing You Say

So advertising on sites like Instagram and Facebook are directed marketing. This is to say that they are supposed to be advertising for things you are interested in. They read your cookies and look at hour history and so on to see what you have looked up. Google takes this one step further and collects massive amounts of data on your interests if you are using Chrome and so on. Well I do use Chrome and I am logged into it the entire time. So being that the adverts on both of these sites are driven by analytics like that, I wonder why the shit I keep getting My Little Pony ads on Instagram. I have literally no interest in them and have never looked them up. In fact the single only time I have mentioned them was in a comment on a Vlog over on YouTube a couple of years ago. Yet they just keep coming... Before this, it was high end cars for the most part. Not owned a car in ten years or driven one in that time. Oh well. Ghosts in the machine I guess. Then again YouTube has been recommen

Facebook Your App Is Getting More Annoying

So that "New Stories" thing used to show up at the top and annoyed the hell out of me. Now it's in the middle of the page and more than a LOT annoying. The thing is, I never want to see this thing and there is no need for it in my mind. I'm NOT done reading the posts down here yet and when I am I will go back up and read more of them. If click the thing the posts all change because Facecrap thinks they know what I want to see more than I do for some reason. The other thing is 96% of the time (or more) it's not new, it's something I just shared or something I have seen before that someone commented on. Well I don't give a crap that someone commented on some post that is not mine. The other thing is, let me set the preference for this silly app to "most recent". See I don't care what you think is important, I want to see it all. But there is the rub - I don't see it all. I go to someone's page and look 13 minutes ago they posted some

Some Artistic Play Time


When Good People Fall For Bullshit

I am rather wondering how some of you have fallen for a certain person on YouTube. You watch his videos and give him nice comments like he is NOT a literal psychopath. This is a man who has made openly racist video and has spent a great deal of time openly trolling people like Elijah (Drax Shadow), saying that he is a scam and his parents should stop begging for money. He has personally told me I should kill myself. Fine I'm an adult and can just walk away - but to go after a  child with cancer in that manner is just reprehensible and still you watch him. Not only is it obvious that he has gone after many disabled people on YouTube but it is also obvious that he is racist, abusive and alcoholic. Yet you still watch this man and act like he is such a nice fellow. This is a man that has openly said people who can't afford health care should die. This is a man who has said that there is no excuse for anyone to not work, when we all know many can't. A man who ha

Halloween Candy I HATED As A Kid

  Some SJW Twat always handed this out when I was a kid. This is NOT candy and you should have your house egged into the stone age for this.   Also one Twat would have these things to hand out. First, they SUCK - Second it's months old and you got it on sale. You SUCK.   OK this is a special hell. Candy corn is literally some kind of plastic I think. It tastes like plastic and feel like I'm chewing a pen in my mouth.   This is exactly the same as Candy Corn, just plastic in a different shape and colour.  This is actually the bottom of the pile, but I don't feel like moving the photo to the end. Circus Peanuts are foam insulation with a slight bit of sugar in them. No candy ever had more SUCK than this shit.   I got no idea what this shit was or who made it. I just know it tasted like some kind of powdered milk experiment gone WRONG.  Literally who thinks this is good? Oh wait most people did - so traded this shit for real candy. Even as a child I HATED M

12 British Comedies I Loved

The Goodies (4/5) Dang these where good. Bottom (4/5) I watched this over and over when it played on Canadian TV. Fawlty Towers (5/5) Second only to Monty Python Monty Python's Flying Circus (5/5) This set the standard. The Black Adder (5/5) All in the set are 5/5 in my mind. The Benny Hill Show (4/5) Was on and off for years - loved them all. The Young Ones (4/5) Amazing comedy and well it went a bit strange in the end but still was epic. Love Thy Neighbour (5/5) yes it was racist but it made the point of how stupid being racist is. Father Ted (5/5) I own this on DVD and have watched them all many times. Rising Damp (

What's On My Netflix Watch List?

43 Items in total. 13 movies. 30 Series.

Current Desktop

Current desktop. 2 Queer 2 Be Straight.

So Your Child Is Better Because He Is Catholic?

Yeah OK. I'ma go out and vote for you. Sigh... I think not. You child is no better than anyone else's child. Because they go to Catholic school does not make them superior in any way. Sure there is a bit less discipline in public schools, but this does not make them any different than your kids. I know for a fact that bad things happen between kids in both school systems. When you start to teach your kids that they are better than others, then they grow up to be assholes who only take and give nothing to society. It makes me wonder what your point of view to the vast majority of Moose Jaw people is? Being that most of us are not Catholic. Do you think we are not worth as much? Do you think we are less human? Do you think that the Catholics should get special treatment the rest of us do not get? It makes me wonder with this attitude if you are just in this to gain something for yourself or to get more for "your kind" in some way. This is not how you represent people

When Thinking Impaired People Make MEME's


2 Fire Trucks Out Of Service Today

2 fire trucks out of service in Moose Jaw. This is NOT good. See the city got rid of the on duty mechanic and now they are breaking down. So instead of maintaining them, they dive them till they die and then need to get someone in to fix them. This is NOT how you save money.

Movie Ratings (October)

Sky (2015) (4/5) Most won't like this movie. The Viel (2016) (4/5) Could have been better. The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015) (3/5) Better than I expected. Dead Silence (2007) (4/5) wort watching. The Finest Hours (2016) (5/5) I think a lot of people would like this one. The Revenant (2015) (4/5) Expected more out of it but well worth the time. Dead Man Walking (1995) (4/5) This is a classic, pure and simple. The Witch (2015) (5/5) Kind of a cult classic in the making, most won't like it as much. Burying the Ex (2014) (4/5) LOL. Really just LOL. Lolita (1962) (5/5) Disturbing movie. This is not the origina

$2 A Meal

One of these things is NOT good for you but... 1 Can black beans. 1 Can diced tomatoes. 1 Can spaghetti in sauce. 1 Cup mixed frozen veggies. It makes 1 meal for 2 or 2 meals for 1. Note caned pasta has sugar and rather a lot of salt in it. To make this more healthy precook some low carb pasta and ad in some water then some tomato paste. This will ad a buck or so to the cost though. Where I live this is a good price for what you get. Skip the pasta and ad in 2 cans of beans also works well enough. I always rinse the beans off before I cook them. Dried beans lowers the cost but they need to be soaked over night.

Blinds And A.C. Units

Finally got the blind up on the window. The first two went up quite soon after I got settled in. But the bit one here needed to be ordered in as it's longer than anything Walmart carried. The one in the bedroom and the little one on the opening side of the living room window where easy and fast to do. This one on the other hand was a pain in the but from the word go. First off I got it delivered and they just left it in the entry way. So I had to go down and get it. Then my friend came to hang the dang thing and there was no hardware with it at all. Sigh. So I had to go to the bother of filing a complaint with Amazon and then getting the replacement sent to me. First thing I did when it showed up was to check if it was all there and it was. So after the weekend was over my friend came over to hang this one up. Well we got all the mounts for it put up and realised that one of the centre mounts was in the way of the string in one part. Sigh. So down comes the blind and more holes

4AM Out The Window Photos

 Woke up at 4am and could not go back to sleep so I whipped out my camera and played with it. Here are three shots out the window. Last one is the moon trying to shine threw all this cloud cover we keep having here (it won't go away).

Glass In My Toe AKA Macro Shots With A LG G4 Phone

 So my left big toe was puffed up and in pain like crazy. I did not know what was happening it it. I could not see anything so I poked around on it and it hurt in the one spot. I got out my handy LG G4 and zoomed in all the way and looked with it at the spot. There it was, a tiny bit of glass. I pulled that puppy out and the toe was better in about an hour. Goes to show that for a phone this thing does wonderful macro shots.

I Fell Of The Wagon Again

 Well I done fell off the wagon. I got a large 10 topping pizza and eat the darn thing. Not only that I got crust dips for the crust (Jalapeno cheddar). I did not even go for the thin crust. Sigh... So good though. Caused a minor Fibro Flair as expected and well kept me up half the night peeing. But Man it was good. Thing is, with the way money will be for me from now on, I might never be able to do this again. So I went for it .