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We are a moment and no more

We are a moment and no more. The world turn to dust in the days to come. Man has lost his place a long time ago. History is gone and soon we all will be as well. The sands of time are at an end. This one moment and no more. One life is not enough. We long for eternity. Yet we can not even perceive it. This last act and then the world is gone. One more task before we fade away. In the end there will be nothing once more. In the beginning there was nothing to start with. It is a moment of time in all of forever. From nothing to nothing. We are a joke that want to be a epic story. Man kind if and was and will be no more. The struggles for power are meaningless. We push the button and burn the oil. We eat the burgers and don't think about it. We pray that we live on and think that it's just now. The moment has almost past. The time of man all but gone. Nothing will know we existed in time. We are a flash. There is flesh and pleasure but once. Live or be lost. For in the end there i

Abstracts and Fractals


Listen and Want to Listen

Have you ever felt empty? I don't mean bored or alone. I mean empty. The kind of dead inside feeling that makes you want to stop living. Well, I have. I was on the edge of giving up and checking out. I did all kinds of things to make the pain inside stop. The number one this was to let others hurt my body. To let them screw me and beat me. I did not know anything but anger for myself. To be angry was so much more easy than to be in pain inside. To be hurting on the outside was to distract from the inside. I also drank to kill the pain inside. To try and run from who I was. I don't think of myself as an addict, as I can just have one beer and be done with it. But then I drank to not know what my mind thought of me. I drove my car very fast in the dark all alone and turned the lights off. I had sex with people I did not know just to try and be... Or feel... I know it's not in fashion these days to talk about a love for God. But this is what changed my world. This is what made

Art and a Message

Latest bit of art (cemetery).   Almost called 911 tonight. Had a spike of pain in my chest and almost went to the floor. But every time I go I get ignored. The have flagged all the people with a history of mental illness here. So we don’t get treated, instead they just think it’s in our heads and pass us over then send us home. It’s happened to me many times. The sad thing is this was on the news and the government admitted to doing it. No one cared at all. They call it “hot spotting”. So I just sit here waiting to die one of these days. I know I won’t get them to take me seriously so I don’t go any more. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks this has happened. I see the heart doctor on the 14th. It’s to the point that I have given up eating right and instead I am just having what I like now. I stopped giving a shit. I am almost sure I won’t last 5 more years… I intend to enjoy ever last moment of it. Peace - Dave. P.S. Thank you Five Hills Health Regio n for making me loose all

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