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State of the Building Report...

So on Sunday the 28th of August, 2011 there is this sound of a crash and then yelling. It’s the guy in 21 and his company. This is time number two that this has happened. The last time he did not even think he did anything. So no surprise when he blamed this one on his girlfriend and her friend. The last time I called the cops and he made a threat to me, “If I see you in the hall your toast”. So I called threw the wall in response, “I will be out there in 10 seconds”. He never came out. I have that all on recording by the way.

This time I did not bother with the cops. They were of no use the last time and well many other times I and others called them – So why bother. But I am told that he is getting the boot. I sure hope so - and soon I hope. But more than likely it will be after the rent is paid for next month. You see if you boot someone with cause you don’t have to refund any rent for the time they are not in the apartment. This sounds all too much like something the owner would d…

Took Mom To The Hospital Again (Rant)

Stinky Purfume People (Rant)

Storm Aug 14, 2011 Moose Jaw, Sask

Cop arresting old guy on scooter

He was shoplifting at the Safeway on 1st Ave. N.W.

Cutting back on online time.

Just thinned out my watch list on RedBubble. I would love to have to time for all I had in it :( but I don’t… Also cut was a bunch of Facebook folks and YouTube subscriptions. For someone with no job I seem to be busy. I love doing things for people but it hurts in the end – literally… Lots of joint pain. Taking care of Mom is what I am doing most of the time. That is more important than online any day! I fear that I will be even bigger when she dies as I will be online all day every day. Well 1/2 the week anyways the rest I will be fixing things for people… Or at least sitting there with a coffee and saying, “do this… Now do this…” :)

I held you.

I held you.
David Sheldon Nicholson
Aug, 04, 2011

I held you when you where sick.
I held you when you needed a laugh.
I held you when you where happy or sad.
I held you for a short time.
Then I let you go only for the grave.
I will see you again some day.

A Point Of Order