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Oh no not another one LOL.

Every now and then you run into someone on the net that is bat shit crazy. The kind of person that needs to be locked up for their own good. That was today for me. OMG - what can I say. Fellow leaves an comment that I can't even understand as it was so messed up. All I knew is that he hates gays and thinks they need to die or pray the gay away. How misguided at best. The fact that he claimed to be a fan of someone I don't care for makes me wonder. The fact that in the years that I watched said fellows videos this mad man never commented that I saw, is a bit strange.

The other fact is his home is painted black on the inside and the windows covered with black curtains. What the heck is this about. His most viewed video seems to be an attack on some gay teen. I can't understand any of it. 1/2 way threw he hits the floor and prays. Then back at the attacks on a kid. This is a grown man for god's sake.

But I have learned to expect two things from the YouTube community. One …

Overpass needs a fix.

Damage to the overpass - Highway #1 and Main street Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
You can see the age of the overpass is showing in this shot.
This one shows how warped the beam is.
This year the overpass on Highway #1 has been hit several times. There is some structural issues that I feel need to be addressed. The Right lane of the south going side is closed right now. The integrity of the structure I believe should be in question. It is high time we fixed this problem or replaced the overpass. It seems the vast majority of the collisions with the bridge are on the east going lanes. It is a matter of time until the bridge is condemned or fails.

Family Photos.

My Brother age 2  Dad on the right with his army buddies.  Dad, Mom and my Brother.  Dad in school grade 7. He is on the bottom row on the left.  Me on my 2nd birthday.  Me age 2.  Me age 2, my Brother age 7 and Corkie the Dog.  Mom and Dad on their 30th anniversary.  Mom drunk and Dad a bit buzzed - Christmas party.  Here I am at 13 months at Christmas on Moms knee. Brother beside me.  Mom, Me, My Brother and Dad on their 30th.  I think this is my uncle Stan on his wedding day. Me age 6 on the left and Brother age 11 on the right.

Life Springs Forth

On the corner of 1st N.W. and High Street. This is at the back of the building taken from the lot where the apartment building burned down. Not only did I see that the building seems to be in rough shape, but the weeds growing out of the windows base game me a smile. Life will hang in there no matter what. It shows just how soon the city would be reclaimed if we where to vanish.

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