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May Vlogs (Toppics)

1 In the news
2 Fave Writer
3 Fave Vlogger
4 Useful programs you use
5 Your most viewed video
6 Who to follow on Twitter, Facebook or other sites
7 Best free apps for your smart phone
8 In the news
9 The last Documentary you watched
10 Pretend you’re interviewing a famous person
11 Childhood memory from school
12 Life changing event
13 Describe the home you grew up in
14 Gains and Losses of taking risks
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16 What you learned from a big disappointment
17 Your inspiration
18 Biggest regret
19 Your eulogy
20 A message to yourself as a 12 year old
21 Would you give up a pleasure for a month to prove a point
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23 Talk about a pet going goofy
24 A great trip you took
25 A good book
26 Fave artist
27 Describe your average day
28 5 songs you love and why
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30 Something new you have tried
31 Stupidest thing you have done

Why so angry?

If someone has the ability to post retarded comments 18 hours a day every single day, then do you believe they have a job? HAHAHA I sure don't.

I have 7 steps for you:

#1 Take your meds or get on some.
#2 Grow a brain.
#3 Get off the computer now and then and go outside.
#4 Realize your the reason your life is shit, not other people.
#5 Start to love yourself, so you don't need to try and hurt others to feel something - anything - other than the pain your own mind puts you threw.
#6 Start making life better for others any way you can, so you don't need anger to cover the pain.
#7 Grow as a person and learn something new.

The world is joy and life and fun if you want it to be. If you chose to be angry then there is literally no joy to be had. All you can do is try to harm others to feel good. But in the end, it's empty feeling. There is no joy in it and the anger only gets worse. You are a slave to your own flawed thinking. The force of will to change who you are is wor…

If your Butt-hurt and you know it...

Don't you love when people spend a crap pile of time bitching unreasonably about others all the time? The same people that go out of their way to sling mud at you will be off their heads with anger if you even hint that a post is about them. 95% of the time they take something you say that is in jest of about someone or something else and think it's all about them.

Take this post for example - I know for a fact that several people will think it's all about them, when in fact it's a generalization.

There is literally no way in HELL you can NOT offend someone these days.