Monday, March 18, 2013

Path To God My brand of Religion. "We are all Children of the same God". We believe that there is no one path to God. We believe that all who do no harm are on the path with God. All Religions practiced with the moral intent to do no harm are valid to us. Even if a person has their own individual way of worship it is valid. This does include Wicca and Islam. Those who do harm in the name of God are dammed. Those who serve themselves are Dammed. Those who help others and do good are on the right path. Anyone can change. Anyone no mater what evil they have done can come to God and be enlightened. We are all short of God's glory. But if we love we are accepted by him. You do not have to even believe in God to make it to heaven. All you have to do is be moral and just. For that is the true path to God.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rant Time

Internet speed still not changed at all. Most annoying day in my entire life... Went for coffee and these young girls are SINGING... WTF? Yet I yell shut up you fuckwit and I would be the bad guy. We would still be there if we where not annoyed out of the building... Thank you vacuous plant life self centered ass hats for making this the worst day I ever had annoyance wise... BTW you can't sing worth a shit - you sound like the people that get laughed off the stage at a talent show. But I bet your Mom there (the bad parent she was) thinks we are all so glad to hear you and you have golden voices. Why the hell do you think you should be singing in a restaurant? Does no one have a clue as how to act in public now? Bet if I started saying nice and loud how I like gay sex there would be something said... Yes I am supposed to listen to you shit-for-brains singing and the craptactular music coming out of your phone.

While I am flipping out... Why am I quiet at night? All the others that tend to come and go in the wee hours of the morning tend to make a heck of a sound while doing it waking me up. People next to me banging the closet door and waking me up at 7:30am. Dog below me barking at her shadow. People having a nice little sing along at midnight. But I am respectful and don't even turn the TV on after 11:30pm. Why am I being nice here? On the nights when I can't sleep maybe I should just listen to music and let the folks around me hear it; or watch TV till 4am or something. Oh yes and lets not forget to push the alarm on button 3 million times when you come home at night - I want nothing more than to hear your horn over and over again.

So how did this day start? It started on Wednesday when I called Sasktel to get faster internet and have my cable cut back as I did not want to watch most of the channels I got. So I get on the phone and I tell the lady (she was nice) to put it up for me. She tells me they need to send someone to "change the modem". So Friday (today) the fellow gets here (he was nice) and tells me I need "2 modems" to run 10 megs. I ask why? He tells me because I have HD TV on the other line and the modem can't handle it. Well Shaw can give me HD and 250 megs at the same time with 1 modem. So I say what the hell? Oh well... See I only have 1 phone line in here. I need 2 phone lines for this. Sigh... So he tells me I can up to from 1.5 megs to 5 megs no problem. I call them up (1:15pm) and ask to have this done. I am told it will be "10 minutes to switch it over". 2 Hours later I am still at 1.5... So I call back and am told it can take 2 days to change it. I come home 10pm and it's still 1.5 they quit work at 8pm...

Remember the cable? Well I for got to tell them to do the change and called the Max people (same company) and they tell me they can't do it as there is a work order outstanding. Why I ask. No idea they tell me. So I go on the web page and do it myself. I put in the order to remove all but 1 theme pack. 1/2 hour later ALL the theme packs vanish not just the ones I wanted. So I get on the net and add on the one I want and in a short time it's back on...

Now this would take a day or so if I called in on the phone. Why is it so fast when I do it on the net? Same people processing the orders. Oh and it was so nice of them to NOT tell me I needed 2 phone lines or I would have not ordered the change in the first place. 2 days wasted for nothing. Now another day wasted waiting for something to go threw that would have been done in no time if I ordered it on the net.

Yeppers you can sure as hell tell that the Saskatchewan government owns and runs Sasktel.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Complete Lack of Intellect

Just reported For abuse... Have not had to do that in about a year. Calling everyone a "pedo" seems to be his/her/it's thing in life. Even the username is childish and inflammatory. Got to love when people degenerate to the word "pedo", it shows a complete lack of intellect.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

No sleep for me

Once again awake at 4am. This is nothing new. The pain was bothering me too much to sleep and the pain meds make me wide awake. So much for making you sleepy. Then again sleeping pills do the same thing to me. Go figure, I knew my head was broke lol. So I have a bit of abstract art on the go and I had an apple. No sleep in sight. Sigh.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coffee and Parking Like A Dick

 Great coffee and a good lunch.
 Did Jesus tell you to spam me?

 Good coffee to say the least.
My fancy maker that Henrik sent me :)
Parked in the gas pumps and went in to eat for an hour. Your not a dick though are you?