Free Landers

They tell us it is the land of the free. But you’re only free to be just like the rest. If you do not buy into the mass marketing of culture and religion then you are one of them. If you are one of them that it is the job of all good free Landers to hunt you down and make you pay for your crime of individuality. Here love is something you buy and God is something you sell. The pusher man tells you what to think and the dead minds teach your children to listen to violence and drugs. We are the land of the free but watch your backs or they come in the night to make you vanish. If they think you know something then water-boarding is the new hand shake. United in nations under the dollar they will fly over your lands and make you submit to democracy. A Starbucks on each corner is the price of your collective souls. You think the criminals that roam the streets are angry and full of hate; then you have not seen the cops yet. One man said once that one day a good rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets. The only thing washing the streets here is the blood of the innocent and the souls of our youth. The man on the white horse caries a big stick and will put it where he wants to put it. The leaders are no more than a side show to the freak show that is our way of life. The leaders are lead by the monster of greed and money. One man stands shoveling money into the furnace of corporate America while the other man tosses the babies of the third world in. We stick it in their face that we have it all and they have nothing. Even the poor here have more than a family there. God help them if they have anything we want; then it is holly war on them for all they have. We fill they skies with death and warm the days and cool the nights with storms of discontent. For the love of God we tell people they are going to hell if they do not stand in awe of the power of a handful of men. Praise the Lord and then put your money in the plate. I know it goes to someone who does not need any more, but hell a token penny here and there will trickle down to those who have nothing and we will say we did everything we can to make them better people. We marginalize the radicals that yell God Hate Fags then we stand behind them and tell the Gay they can’t get married in the eyes of our God. Who is out god anyways, the last time I looked it was someone sitting at a desk in an opulent office pushing papers that will crush the lives of so many all in the name of the bottom line. If you can’t buy it, it is not part of the covenant of the corporations or should I say Gods. Those few who know what and who God really is will be passed off and condemned to eternal hell in the name of the dollar. Those who want to lend a hand or a kind word to all around them no matter who or what they are, will forever burn in the depths of hell. Look inside your book of magic words and tell me if it has not one line of hate; not one line of murder. No I did not think so, yet you scream that you are his and he is your master. The reality is you don’t even know him and when you die you will face him for the first time. All hail the war machine as we feed it oil and lives from the Middle East. All hale the downfall of humanity. If you think these words are mad, then you’re one of the many and you will never understand the very few of us. I pray for you every night. I pray for your children and the future of Mother Earth. I pray for this and not for more of what I don’t need. And all though you see us few as evil and insane we love you all. Hugs Free Landers and many prayers to you.


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