4 unrelated things

Don't ya just love when someone you just know is a hater subscribes to you? Yep key one is when all their activity is in the last 3 months or less and they signed up 4 years ago. Key two is the name sounds just like something the mind of a 9 year old would come up with. Sign three all the channels they pimp on their front page are just like theirs.

My friend was devastated when he learned his parents where Santa. It literally messed him up for life. But this I am sure is not a normal reaction.

So I am taking photos out the window. Car comes flying past, must be going 80mph at least. The police station is right down the block! Shows how much people think about the cops in this city. Best thing is, if one lights him up they will get pissy about it.

The world is a song we sing together.


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