A Boost To Spark A Memory

So there was this add for "Boost" and it sparked the memory of Mom spilling hers at the dinner table in the care home. It cut threw me like a knife. The pain just as bad as the first day. It does not seem to get better. When my brother is gone there will be no one left. The rest of the people I am related to I don't care for and they don't give a shit that I even exist. Not one of them has called or sent a card since Mom died. In fact out of all of them only 2 sent a card after her death. They know my number, they know where I live. Some are in town even. Yet people I have never met care more about me than they ever did or will. Makes me wonder how they sleep at night. I hope they enjoy all the money they have and I hope they enjoy looking down at people like me. As for me, I can only pity them. They don't know what wonders this world holds. The best things are free and they ignore them; they always have.


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