Photo Time

 Flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Very spicy nuts.
BBQ Sauce with a hat.
 Some of the best coffee I ever had. Mailed to me by a great friend.
 Christmas Dinner. Ham, Cabbage Rolls, Veggies, Spud Paddies and Gibsons 12 year old Blended Whiskey.
 Left over cabbage rolls. Not getting them again - too much Rosemarie. From now on I stick to Co-Op ones - they ROCK.
 Very Messy.
 Pasta (no glutton), Veggies, Spud Paddy, Fish Sticks.
 Coffee no Flash.
 This is GOOD coffee.
 No idea Why.
 Thanks to the owner of the building for the Cookies :) They where very good.

Coffee with Flash.


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