Geocaching and Canada Post Rant...

 Me FTW :)
 It was in the 2nd place I thought of. King of obvious actually. Geocaching FTW.
So postal worker person... You think this is a good place to put something I payed for? Good thinking... After all sitting there visible from a bust street - no one will ever see it. And no one has ever taken anything at all from my building... LOL - It always amazes me how little people think and this is proof that most people don't think before they do things now. When crazy lady was here she took everything in site. Out of 7 packages in 2 months I had 5 go missing. Never to be seen again they where... They where things people sent to me as gifts. Thank God the other 2 I had to sign for or they would have vanished as well... THINK PEOPLE.


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