Another one bites the dust...

So there was this fellow that was being friendly with some time ago on the internets. I asked him what he did and he said he worked for the government hunting down online paedophiles. Now the manner in witch he described this was screaming bull shit to me. So I called him out on it. Poof got blocked for about a year and a half. But then he was back. Wanting to be friends again. I asked him why he blocked me and he claimed he did not know why. Now his story was that he has been disabled for years and taking care of his mother. Hay that sounds familiar - I been disabled for years and at the time was taking care of my Mother.

Well one thing leads to another and I see the pile of bull shit adding up. As soon as anyone says their is something wrong with him he describes the same thing happening to him as well. This culminated in a so called trip to the mental ward. You see, someone had just said they might have to go to the mental word for their depression. All the sudden he is going to the mental word for his depression. So he is supposed to be in the hospital right? Well a person sees this as obvious bull shit and calls him out on it. All the sudden his "sister in law" is posting a reply to this person and blocking them.

Well less than 8 hours after that he is home and saying stuff like I have changed my password and my sister in law can't get on again. See he did not even spend an entire day there. The minimum stay for someone with suicidal thoughts is 3 days in most places. There is a reason for this, and some of us know why and that this is the minimum... But he claims he has been gone for 3 days. Posts from the past 2 days have vanished off his page. Hmmm... Strange that...

Now I am fighting an infection and I have a breathing problem. I describe this morning that I am dizzy as hell and out of breath. I say "I want to cook chicken fingers but don't want to fall into the oven". Guess what tonight the same person is emulating my circumstances. This is enough. I can no longer take the bull shit and hit the block button.

This is not by far the entire story. There are other things like a person we both knew losing a new born child. 2 days later, poof, he has a relative that lost a new born child. Amazing hay. Trust me the list is LONG. I feel sorry as hell for this person, but there just comes a time when you have to walk away some times. This was one of them. Bull shit will drown you if you let it and I am not willing to let it. I won't be his fool no more.


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