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So if I don't want to like and or share this passive bully post of yours I am condoning child abuse am I. See this is just how easy it is to manipulate the masses into doing something they would not have done in the first place. This social conditioning we get from the online world and the media is amazing, is it not? The people who have shed the media services in favour for the "real facts online" are often mislead with great ease. You present something as news and they will then take it as fact. If it goes with their disdain for established media sources then all the better. All these freedom fighters out there looking for the real truth behind it all, they fall onto the click traps filled with advertising to generate revenue at their expense and they think they are fighting the cooperate world. The entire time oblivious to the fact that they are being handed yet more outlandish bullshit all in the name of a quick buck. There are many many people out there that have figured it out and are taking advantage of the counter establishment masses that have gathered on the internet. The entire time the real revolutionary's are not sitting behind a computer screen and talking about what should be done and how we are being manipulated. They are out there spray painting walls and protesting. They are shaking things up and fighting with the cops. I am by far not one of them, but they gather more respect from me than those who sit there all day sharing link after link to some click trap hell. I have advice for anyone who goes to these pages on a regular bases. First have good virus protection and second install a good adblocker. The advertising sources are more than often not safe ones and tend to on occasion pass a virus on to you threw the many exploits in our browsers. Activists on the other hand hang out on message boards and not Facebook. They don't tend to publish articles, instead the talk in code to each other. Groups rarely talk to each other and have their own agenda. When they do converge it is usually the start of trouble. Then there is the activists who do not leave home. They route threw the dark web and hack what they can when they can for the good of humanity as they see it. They trust no one and never hang out on social media long enough to do anything more than post a warning to an individual or a group as to what they want changed. All in all it comes down to making real choices in the real world to effect change. Clicking like and sharing an absurd MEME will never help a child. Handing the abuser their ass in a dark ally might.

Peace and Love - Dave :)


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