To Go With Day 1268 Vlog

 Contaminated Coffee Grounds...
 Frost on tree out my window 1...
 Frost on tree out my window 2...
 Window leaks as ice builds up on it. The seals are broken on the windows so they ice up bad when it's very cold. This prevents it from dripping down the wall. Stupidly there is a plugin on the wall under the window. Can't let it get too wet though as mold will form, so I change the towel and wash the old one now and then.
This is most of the view out my window. If I look straight on, this is all I see. I have to look on an angle to see anything else. Woot for walls...


  1. One would be surprised at what you can see out of your window, if you really look.

    1. Most people don't see trees I think. They don't care they are there...


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