My Tattoos

 Left arm.
Right arm.


  1. I had seen a glimpse of them on your videos, they are cool, every tattoo has a story, it would be cool to hear the story's behind each tat, I have a Eagle on my left arm, first Tat I've ever gotten, I was 19, me and a friend were drinking, and one of my other friends Dad had a shop so we stopped in, idk why I chose the Eagle, at the bottom I had him put a ribbon and had him put my last name there, since then most of the color has faided, I'll probably in time get it touched up again, Con and I have been wanting to get matching tats, you know that Disney movie Up? We want to get the boy and the girl from that movie on our right arms. Anyway cool post.

    1. Thanks. The scorpion is my spirit animal and the skull is a dead friend. I would like to get Pusheen eating pizza but never have the money. These are 20 or so years old and not as sharp as they used to be.


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