A Day in Photos

Kind of nice looking to me.
Well, not getting to the benches I see.
Wish they would clear the non smoking aria. The smoking aria is always cleared off. I have been so very much wanting to sit outside for months now, but NOPE.
I some days feel like this plant, dried up, frozen and dead.
Was not much in the planter last summer, not like other years. I love flowers and plants. They make me happy.
This is life right there. We say we are all snow white and pure, but in reality, there is a lot of dirt in the mix.
A very nice church not far away. Another one on Main Street is just as nice in it's own way.
Unless you are a delivery driver.
Just because.
Hand rails are our friend.
Then get yelled at "you can't park here" by someone who literally does not know the difference between stopping and parking.
The little shits do it anyway, and if I run out and thwack them with a chair, I'm the bad guy. J/K I'd never do that, really don't care if they do it at night when no one is around.
Looks to be part of a hair comb. A decretive thing you put in your hair to hold it in place.
I swear to God, there is almost always someone's garbage in the elevator. I often wonder if I went in their apartment and tossed trash on the floor, would they like it? The answer is they probably have lots of trash on their floor to start with.
Well, stove needs cleaning, but lets make some strong coffee shall we?
After recent events, I'm very glad these things are there. It's a smoke alarm BTW. There was a fire not long ago and it helped alert us and the system automatically calls the fire department. It was exciting but a bit too exciting for some people. It can be frightening to know the building you live in is on fire. Good thing is, it was stopped in time and only one apartment got a lot of damage - no idea on water damage below it.
My view. I wish I was up high, so I could look out over the city and no at the roof of a church, but oh well, I can see the sky and that makes me happy.


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