360 x 180 Panorama in Mandelbulb 3D

Open your parameter in MB3D then set viewing to at least 1:2. Next click “camera” (it’s on the right by where you put your name in) and set it to 360 Panorama. Now set the size of the render so it is twice as wide as it is high. I generally set it to 4096 x 2048. Render the image then save it. Now open the browser and go to https://nadirpatch.com/exif/ and upload the MB3D image to it. It will then input the EXIF data needed to make the image a 360 x 180 Panorama you can post on Facebook. The altered image should auto download. It is ready to be viewed in Facebook as is.

Find MB3D here: https://mb3d.overwhale.com/


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