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5 Celebs I Want To Get With

I See His Mask

I See His Mask On Video.
David Sheldon Nicholson
Nov. 19, 2009

There is this man on the internet. He is out of place with his mask. With a hint of pain he tells funny stories. All that he is he has told us on video, all he feels and desires are there for the viewing pleasure of any of us. But his mask is always there and so out of place.

He tells of many things done and dreamt of. From behind the pain he speaks of love and harmony. Soon he may come to a place in life where he can no longer walk in the sun and enjoy the world as he once did. He will always create in any way he can; it is the way he was born.

In his mask we see what we want to see. It reflects many of us as we see his videos. On here we all have this mask. Showing desire we hide the world we live in. We know so little of what we talk about. At the end of the day we put away the mask only to see it in the mirror anyways.

He’s a man of many sides and many colors. He wants the world to live as one with no trace of hate; yet he k…


Got stiches after having 3 moles removed - on on my lip, one on my chest and one on my left arm...

Birthday Candle

It was on the 18th of November, but I just got around to uploading it... And takes a while to encode some times days...

South Hill Drive

10 Sec Train

letter to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner

This is a letter I sent to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner as a complaint against YouTube for violating the privacy act here in Canada. In it's current form, the DMCA counter claim will send you personal information to a hater that files a fake claim against you. Is a link to the page on YouTube that tells you how to file a counter claim and a DMCA claim. The info from the hater is not sent to you, and if you ask for it - they just tell you this is not a valid DMCA counter claim...

I urge all people in Canada who see this to file a complaint as well. This is a dangerous violation of your rights as a Canadian. With this system the hater gets you booted, or you get hated in your home on the phone at the very least. At worst, you get murdered by a psycho.

Drama The Other Night - Rant

To Zarkor Property Management Ltd

A bit of a video rant to get things I think of this situation off my chest.

To Zarkor Property Management Ltd on

Fighting and yelling at 3AM - then he gets busted...

Well this night started at just after 1AM when I called the cops because they where going from across the hall to upstairs and back all drunk and making a lot of noise. The cops did their usual of almost nothing and it took 4 of them to do nothing. Then he comes home all drunk out of his ass and she and him, and possible her Mom (but not sure) get into it and he gets all violent. I don't think he hurt her, but this is not an acceptable way to deal with people at all! Being a violent aggressive fucktard is not any way to handle anything. The cops came later on after she left the apartment. Then he got all aggressive for them and that did not work for long. The poor little boy gets all up with this, "It hurts" when the cuff his hands. For someone as ready to fight as this one, go figure the complaints about the cuffs. In any event here is some video (no faces at all of them two).

Here is the fight at 3AM keeping me awake. With luck this knob is gone now for good, but I doub…

The hammer of hate strikes two of us hard.

A clone of someone I know on YouTube picked the right time to go after us both. Me and kirneh004 had a bit of an issue with a channel I set up and had a misunderstanding over. That is all settled, but because of the conflict he thought the clone was me. There was another channel PMing me all over the place about kirneh004 and goading me on about "how I should attack him". This channel is still closed, but the clone is still up - or at least when I was doing this blog post. YouTube is not only full of haters, they want to turn us into them as well. I must say that for a while there he almost did turn us both into his kind, at least in respect to each other.

kirneh004 is a good and kind man with a great heart, so to see this knob clone him kind of pisses me off to say the least. You will note that he rated a bunch of kirneh's videos 1 star. You will also note that he added "with hate" to the same background kirneh004 uses.

This is one of those situations that shoul…

Halloween Toy I was sent by a friend.

Halloween Toy on

Thank you my good lady :)

Video rant of a sort.

To Zarkor Property Managment Ltd on

This is all true stuff here - not good. It is a big fight just to stay alive right now. If wee fail, we have literally no place to go at all.

And yet another hit!

OK look at this scan of the newest notice from Zarkor and note the line at the bottom and the kind of rude comment in the light of what is going on. How is this meeting our needs?

From a welfair bumbs view ;-)

You know a lot of people hate food stamps. But I think we need that here - I am on government assistance and I am in a place with a lot of others in the same boat. They do not eat right (some of them) because they get drunk all the time. Food stamps would help stop that practice.

I know what you mean it is amazing how the governments do not seem to get inflation. The food allowance we have is not that much, and the price of food is rising all the time - meanwhile, the allowance for food has not be risen in 7 years.

I and others have been on the governments back to do the right thing for a long time, but they don't seem to be able to listen to reason. I live on $800 a month 50% of this is going to rent right now. I have bills that eat up $170 of it, and that does not leave much left. I have transportation coasts on top to get to my physio and what not. The money I have for me is not much - Fortunately I Get the odd bit of money from art sales and that helps with things some times.


And the government responds...

My response to them is: Here is the notice. As far as I can see it is in order. I have read the regulations and the act that it refers to. I must say I am appalled that poor people seem to have been tossed aside as of late and there are many that do not qualify for the assistance you refer to and still can not afford this hike.

Is this place worth $625 a month?


60% Rent Hike In A Low Income Building...

I have heard a lot of talk this last while from local politicians about low income housing that is affordable. This was of course before they became elected. Now with the recent increase of my rent from $385 to $625 a month, I am wondering where I can more to in this city that is safe to live in. I am disabled and unable to work, so I live on assistance and have about $800 a month to live on and this amount does not change. I can reasonable afford about $400 a month and still be able to feed myself properly. Out of the remaining funds I have to wash clothing in a coin operated washer and drier, pay the phone bill, pay the electricity, and several other miner bills. This does not leave all that much too live on and with an allotted amount of about $175 a month for food, I am sometimes lacking in proper diet. Now the new owner comes in and I get a letter telling me of this rent hike. For the most part, the people in this building are disabled physically or mentally and cannot work. Wher…