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About Organized Religion

Big Storm

It is a bad storm for here - the noise you keep hearing is the wind hitting the truck. When we are standing still you can see that we are being hit so hard, the truck is moving. The truck stops ran out of food and fuel - This is Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada...

Oh this place is falling apart I tell ya...

OK I mail my check in - it was cased on the 3rd of January. The notice tells me they will mail the rent receipts - I need my rent receipt- No rent receipt yet. I have texted him once, emailed him twice... Warren has still not sent my rent receipt... I am getting annoyed...
Now let me tell you how bad a shape the place is getting in. The halls and stars are filthy! They have not been cleaned once since the new owners took over. The manager is almost imposable to reach. I have emailed him as above and about the lack of ventilation in the bathrooms on this floor. This is a building code violation to say the least. The person across the hall from me has people over that smoke pot and she uses a tone of scented products that I am allergic to. I was even sick to the point I needed medical attention because of this once. I am thinking I don't want to end up dead because they can't get their act together.
The people in the one top floor apartment had a leaky roof and I texted this to th…

15 And Dead on Christmas Day

My Work Station


5 Question Tag

1. Do you have children? If yes.. How old are they?
2. What is the natural Colour of your hair?
3. How many times have you moved in your life?
4. Do you or have you ever used a Ouija Board? What was the result?
5. What type of car did you learn to drive in and how many times did it take you to get your drivers license?

Bryce Logo Tutorial

Bryce Logo Tutorial Part 1 of 3

Bryce Logo Tutorial Part 2 of 3

Bryce Logo Tutorial Part 3 of 3

This tutorial uses Blender to make the text, then imports it into Bryce and sets up the render.
LOL LOL OK this is good! Love the out takes at the end...

Prayer for Haiti


The common Garbage Can

This is how the city treats the garbage cans here LOL - A lot of these large ones have been damaged I find. The lids fall off easily for example. And this one is damaged by the robot arm that the driver operates from inside the cab. Not good at all. The smaller ones seem to loose their wheels a lot as well.

Honors LOL

Well if you in Canada then YouTube is an easy place to get honors LOL. As this screen capture of one of my latest videos will show.

Bad Rental? (Apartments From Hell)

Vlog Jan 06 2010

What Christmas Was Like 4 Me