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When you come before God will you know him?

Ya know what keeps most people from knowing God these days? Greed... Things are what this world is about and no one remembers where they came from. They can walk down the street and never see the sun glinting of the fresh due on the lawn. They can see a person in pain on the street and walk past only thinking how disheveled he was. But if we let God show us the world we can see so much more than most people will ever know is there. The joy and the energy that we can get by serving Gods will is unmatched by any thing we can own or any simple pleasure that we can seek.

I know what you want to say... You want to saw what evil has been done for God be his followers. These people have never known God and when they stand before him they will fall in shame and weep, but it will be too late then. The good people of this world, those that do for others they will see God and know they are welcome.

One of them days.

Oh man am I ever tired of crazy people and people who do nothing but want stuff from me. A life time of people wanting me to help them when they need it and when I need it nothing in return. I give and give then I vanish from their minds when I need a hand. All I get in return is ignored or my head bit off.

Someone tell me why I still care to help people? I do - but there is little in reward it seems. Still I will be there as always. But I some times think what is it worth.

Pain again.

I am in a tone of pain. There is nothing that seems to help that does not make me a mindless slug. I was standing up yesterday and I heard this loud pop sound in my left hip and almost passed out from pain. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow. It was all I could do to get Mom to her chemo and back. It hurts so darn much. On top of all the other pain this is so unwelcomed and unwanted. I pray to God to give me the strength to carry on. I know he will give it to me, but right now I am in tears from the pain. I have put on a brave face all day in the online and offline worlds. Now it is time to share the pain with you and ask for your prayers. Just when I thought I was going to be a few bucks ahead I need to take cab to and from the doctors and most likely to and from the hospital. There goes my few extra bucks. But I am warm and fed and am never alone in my suffering. There is always Jesus by my side. For those who would say, “why does he not end your pain then”? I would have to say, you wi…

Can people really think like this?

Just saw this, "Welfare recipients are the laziest people you could possibly find. It has already been discerned that they are among the dumbest (See "The Bell Curve.")" Well I work more than full time taking care of my Mom - the person who wrote this no doubt would have stuck her in a home and left her to die years ago. As well I have an IQ of 191 - almost all the people I know on welfare are above average intelligence and well educated. I suppose I am bias and not part of the norm to say the least. It seems that a lot of people I know who deal with others on assistance say the same as above. From what I am told %90 don't need it, but use it - 10% have no choice. This can't be true as in my province 73% of people on welfare are permanently disabled in some manner. Oh and not "The bell curve" part - OMG, if you don't know what your talking about - just pull some terms out of your ass and hope for the best I guess...

Now not only does this fe…

Quick Abstract

Done with the font "Split Splat Splodge" A very simple way to make a quick abstract looking image or a background for text.

My Give A Shit Just Expired

Playing with fonts and stuff in Paint Shop Pro...

For The Lord.


T-Shirts From The Last While


Good news but not the best - I will still be happy :)

My 9 year old stalker kid can thumbs down this video as much as he wants, nothing changes. It's still wonderful news. It's still going to make me happy. She is still going to be around longer and the world is still a brighter place with her and the people who have shared their love with us in it. The actions of a childish and sad mind will take nothing from this event. The 9 year old will never have power over this moment or any other.

And in goes a letter.

Not so annual review.

Note the date sent out in the first image. This is something that is sent out every 12 months. Well in this case 10 months... Also note how long I have to see a doctor and get back to them before my benefits are messed with. Being that I got this on my birthday is even more of a pleasure. Lets get back to the time frame shall we? Now I get my pay on the 28'th of this month this is due on the 1st. that means that in theory they can delay my benefits until after my rent is due. Think about that, also think why this was not sent out a lot sooner. Also think about how long it takes to see a doctor in this town when we are very low on doctors. Most people take at least 3 weeks to see a doctor. This is a good thing I could beg to get in on time. After all my doctor needs to fill in a form for them. I will be asking why this is being sent now instead of at the end of Dec. like it was last year. Oh yeah... The year before that it was sent in February. What the heck is going on here and h…

Photo play


Laundry Room - It's Easy...

This is the Schedule - Read it and don't be a cunt and do your wash in others times. This is the lint trap - Clean it and don't be a cunt and leave it filthy for the next person.

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