Can people really think like this?

Just saw this, "Welfare recipients are the laziest people you could possibly find. It has already been discerned that they are among the dumbest (See "The Bell Curve.")" Well I work more than full time taking care of my Mom - the person who wrote this no doubt would have stuck her in a home and left her to die years ago. As well I have an IQ of 191 - almost all the people I know on welfare are above average intelligence and well educated. I suppose I am bias and not part of the norm to say the least. It seems that a lot of people I know who deal with others on assistance say the same as above. From what I am told %90 don't need it, but use it - 10% have no choice. This can't be true as in my province 73% of people on welfare are permanently disabled in some manner. Oh and not "The bell curve" part - OMG, if you don't know what your talking about - just pull some terms out of your ass and hope for the best I guess...

Now not only does this fellow appear to be unable to differentiate the difference between workmens comp and welfare, he has no idea what the hell he is talking about. How the heck is anyone on the dole going to be driving a new car and watching satellite TV? This is well beyond the means of people making 5 times the money they are making. It's amazing what a few people will say when they get some beer or pot in then I would have to say in this case.

Peace and pray that this fellow be granted enough information to see reality.



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