When you come before God will you know him?

Ya know what keeps most people from knowing God these days? Greed... Things are what this world is about and no one remembers where they came from. They can walk down the street and never see the sun glinting of the fresh due on the lawn. They can see a person in pain on the street and walk past only thinking how disheveled he was. But if we let God show us the world we can see so much more than most people will ever know is there. The joy and the energy that we can get by serving Gods will is unmatched by any thing we can own or any simple pleasure that we can seek.

I know what you want to say... You want to saw what evil has been done for God be his followers. These people have never known God and when they stand before him they will fall in shame and weep, but it will be too late then. The good people of this world, those that do for others they will see God and know they are welcome.


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