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Misty and Mischief

This is Misty and she was very interested in my beer. I had to take it away.
 Misty with her human Dale.  This is Mischief. He is very aptly named. His sister is a lot more calm.
 Yes this TV works fine. Yes that is a VCR. My Fire-Safe. I have my important DVD's in it as well as my Will and Medical directive and insurance. Got a USB thumb drive in there as well with important things on it.

Comedic Rant

Not even close to the same thing...

Photo Time

Flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Very spicy nuts. BBQ Sauce with a hat.  Some of the best coffee I ever had. Mailed to me by a great friend.  Christmas Dinner. Ham, Cabbage Rolls, Veggies, Spud Paddies and Gibsons 12 year old Blended Whiskey.  Left over cabbage rolls. Not getting them again - too much Rosemarie. From now on I stick to Co-Op ones - they ROCK.  Messy.  Very Messy.  Pasta (no glutton), Veggies, Spud Paddy, Fish Sticks.  Coffee no Flash.  This is GOOD coffee.  No idea Why.  Thanks to the owner of the building for the Cookies :) They where very good.
Coffee with Flash.

Dave Needs Sleep... Or A Life...


Sleep don't come easy

I got to love it. I fall asleep and 20 minutes later have to take a piddle. Then I try to sleep more. Not going to happen. The Pain level is up and the brain is active as well. I find it strange that when the Fibro flairs (they can last days) are bad not not over the top bad, my brain starts to want to do things. Any things. Sort the laundry, do the dishes, type this blog, take photos of everything I can think of, do some digital painting or 3D art. The list goes on and on. The thing is you really can hear everything in this building that the folks next door are doing. So I can't hardly start to do dishes or what not. There are limits.

Then again. I have had problems sleeping since I was 10. This is when it all went wrong you see. My brain changes some how. Maybe it was from the 2 or 3 good bangs to the head I got. Maybe it's genetic. In any event, the voices where uncommon then - just my name here and there when I was alone. But the depression and the manic times hit big time…

Roller chick

Got to love when people come home after midnight and talk very loud in the halls. After all ther are the only important person alive.
I have to wonder is they are raised in a barn. Not to mention the drama of slamming doors at 3am and yelling at you now ex bf. then to replace him the next day. Lacking in morals I have to say.
This is why I say I will never have a quiet day. Someone has to be singing in the bath or talking to the voices. Or there has to be after bar banter and door slams. Just to keep it all interesting I guess.
Oh for the days of the mobal home park. It was always quiet there. No parties. No drunk tards. No fights. No blowing horns. No trucks docking at 2am. I miss that. I also miss everyone liking and respecting each other. Those days are lost now.

Holiday Fun? Not...

OMG OMG OMG 4 thumbs down for the Christmas vlog HAHAHA... 1 From Switzerland of all places. Either my stalker has finally figured out how to use a browser tunnel or I ticked some folks off by not being a ray of sunshine... Sorry folks but there are a LOT of people who have a very bad time on the holidays... Not all of us can be vibrating with enthusiasm for a day meant to be with family when we either don't have one or can't be with them for some reason.

But it's a reason to be sarcastic so it's a win for me - hehehe - Dave :)

Play List of the Day

01 ZZ Top - Legs
02 ZZ Top - Tush
03 ZZ Top - La Grange
04 ZZ Top - Brown Sugar
05 John Fogerty - Centerfield
06 John fogerty - Rock and roll girls
07 John fogerty - Hot Rod Heart
08 Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln
09 Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
10 Jan And Dean - Deadman's Curve
11 Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
12 David Allan Coe - The Ride
13 Waylon Jennings - I`ve Always Been Crazy
14 Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
15 Waylon Jennings - Good Ol' Boys
16 The Soggy Bottom Boys - I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
17 The Soggy Bottom Boys - Cry,Cry,Cry
18 The Soggy Bottom Boys - Boys Mean Eyed cat
19 The Soggy Bottom Boys - Doin My Time
20 The Gospel Plowboys - What A Day That Will Be
21 The Gospel Plowboys - Lord I Want to Go to Heaven
22 A Southern Gospel Revival - Ben Hester - In The Sweet By And By
23 A Southern Gospel Revival - Courtney Patton - Welcome Table
24 A Southern Gospel Revival - Drew Kennedy - Angel Band
25 A Southern Gospel Revival - Jamie Wilson - Ain't No Grave
26 The Outlaw…


Entire websites have sprung up over a backwoods redneck saying what he thinks of Gay folks... This is just too much folks - I know he is wrong and what he said was not PC, but heck - give it the hell up already. He is not the devil or a victim. Ya know no one keeps going on about the people we get out OIL from killing Gay people... So why is some TV star so much more important that that fact?

12 BDSM days of Christmas (forget who sent it to me)...

On the 1st day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
A Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 3rd day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 4th day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 5th day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 6th day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS,.4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 7th day of Christmas, my MASTER gave to me...
7 Crops a Swinging, 6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 8th day of …

Drink :)


Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays all in the great year of 2013. Feel free to use this image as you wish.

Peace - Dave :)

Light Streaks.

4 light streaks in the shot. 2 not as easy to see... Only light in the room was the flash. All but 1 are moving in the same direction. 1 by the fridge is most obvious. Then over the door moving up. Next by the big mug on the cabinets last on the cabinets on the far left...

YouTube Hits Users Again...

Gamers are all going down it seems :( The thing is - game videos SELL GAMES. I am not or never will be a gamer - but I can see this is not only stupid, but it is also a pointless punishment of people for helping you. Think about it. This is contrary to LAW. It's all stupid pointless grabs for money. Nothing less.

I see a problem...

Oh YouTube so works. HAHAHA...

You Must Log In

So if you unlink your Windows 8.1 from and make it local so you don't have to log on, then you can't check you mail any more... Freaking thing wants you to link to outlook right away. And if you do it puts the password back on so you need to log on all the darn time. What I hate is if you leave it alone for 15 min it will hit the lock screen and you have to enter the darn password again. No place to tell it not to do that. The two hacks I found don't work as well. The place in the registry does not exist and the one with the hidden program does nothing as well. Oh well... Maybe I will change the password to F*** Off - so I have the satisfaction of telling it off every time.

Leaking Window


Life Begins Again.

When I was in my 20's I just wanted to fight and die. Now I want to live so strongly I can't believe it. I used to say, "I don't want to live forever". Now I do want to. All the people I know where damaged in some way as a child. I almost said yes to my youth pastor when he obviously wanted sex from me. I was I think 12. I just felt so good to be wanted by someone. I did not understand and when I did it fucked up my life (only word strong enough). My folks where to say the least strict at times and being that my Mom was mentally ill I got spanked many times for no reason. But I never blamed them. Even as a child I knew what was going on in that situation. Things changed when my Dad finally realized about Mom. But it kind of tainted how I saw them for ever. But all in all I struggled with it all and my own mental illness. I was strong and I prevailed. Now that I am sick and in pain. I often think time is short. I sometimes wish I would just go out in…

We are a moment and no more

We are a moment and no more.
The world turn to dust in the days to come.
Man has lost his place a long time ago.
History is gone and soon we all will be as well.
The sands of time are at an end.
This one moment and no more.
One life is not enough.
We long for eternity.
Yet we can not even perceive it.
This last act and then the world is gone.
One more task before we fade away.
In the end there will be nothing once more.
In the beginning there was nothing to start with.
It is a moment of time in all of forever.
From nothing to nothing.
We are a joke that want to be a epic story.
Man kind if and was and will be no more.
The struggles for power are meaningless.
We push the button and burn the oil.
We eat the burgers and don't think about it.
We pray that we live on and think that it's just now.
The moment has almost past.
The time of man all but gone.
Nothing will know we existed in time.
We are a flash.
There is flesh and pleasure but once.
Live or be lost.
For in the end there is the void...

David S. Nich…

I am a self destructive dumb ass.

Hi my name is Dave and I am a self destructive dumb ass, who insists on killing himself by binge eating. I know the pizza will make me sick all darn night, yet I order it. Then I eat all but 2 slices of an extra large pizza myself. I know there is a reason for this and I know fill well what it is. Still I do it. Still I always think it will make me feel good and while I am cramming the food into my face it feels like I am in my mothers arms. The moment I realize I am so full it hurts and my tummy is so upset I can hardly stand it, the guilt hits me. Strange thing is, it's the guilt of being who I am that causes me to do this. That unresolved issue between myself as a sexual being and the fundamentalist faith that I once followed. This 4 year span of my life in a church that hate all people like me made me forever hate myself on some level. So every time I start feeling close to God I feel the guilt of being attracted to both men and women. This poison fills my brain and all that …

Abstracts and Fractals


Listen and Want to Listen

Have you ever felt empty? I don't mean bored or alone. I mean empty. The kind of dead inside feeling that makes you want to stop living. Well, I have. I was on the edge of giving up and checking out. I did all kinds of things to make the pain inside stop. The number one this was to let others hurt my body. To let them screw me and beat me. I did not know anything but anger for myself. To be angry was so much more easy than to be in pain inside. To be hurting on the outside was to distract from the inside.

I also drank to kill the pain inside. To try and run from who I was. I don't think of myself as an addict, as I can just have one beer and be done with it. But then I drank to not know what my mind thought of me. I drove my car very fast in the dark all alone and turned the lights off. I had sex with people I did not know just to try and be... Or feel...

I know it's not in fashion these days to talk about a love for God. But this is what changed my world. This is what made …

Art and a Message

Latest bit of art (cemetery). Almost called 911 tonight. Had a spike of pain in my chest and almost went to the floor. But every time I go I get ignored. The have flagged all the people with a history of mental illness here. So we don’t get treated, instead they just think it’s in our heads and pass us over then send us home. It’s happened to me many times. The sad thing is this was on the news and the government admitted to doing it. No one cared at all. They call it “hot spotting”. So I just sit here waiting to die one of these days. I know I won’t get them to take me seriously so I don’t go any more. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks this has happened. I see the heart doctor on the 14th. It’s to the point that I have given up eating right and instead I am just having what I like now. I stopped giving a shit. I am almost sure I won’t last 5 more years… I intend to enjoy ever last moment of it.
Peace - Dave.
P.S. Thank you Five Hills Health Region for making me loose all faith in our …

Hugs to you sad little man.

7 Years.

For 7 years the same psychotic dolt has been stalking me on YouTube.

How long does it take for a stupid person to realize I don't care that he "hates me".

I do completely understand his sexual attraction to me conflicts with his fundamentalist religious beliefs and so on. But the fact that almost all of his sock accounts where using women's names should spark something in his small mind. But he continues to go on and on and on about pointless things that I am at peace with. His use of the term, "jail cell" - to describe peoples homes, shows that he has spent time in jail. This is something I already know that, as I know he spent time in prison as a sex offender.

At best this is an annoyance for 1 maybe 2 minutes. Then I move on with my happy day, interacting with people who I love and that love me. He on the other hand needs to be pitied, as he will never know love in any form. He hates himself and when he sees his own traits in others, he attacks.

The …

YouTube Comments

Auto generated comments marked as spam. That worked.  Best reaction to the comments change yet.  Unable to reply to comments on my own videos. One of the variations of the channel icon meant as a protest against Google.