Fundamentally Flawed

Just watched that film of a man being electrocuted to dead from the 1970's. Not only would there be pain, but your mind being ripped apart by the electricity. What must that be like?

Even the modern method of using drugs to kill the prisoner is said to have unimaginable pain for a few moments.

To face the truth, the most humane way to put someone to death would be a shotgun blast to the head. There would be no time to process any pain, it would just end. But we think this is horrific.

Strange how we have to think of how we see the end of their lives as the most important part. That is to say, how we view the end. The actual person is not thought of. Lethal injection came about for those who watch, not those who die.

We tell our children that two wrongs don't make a right, then we kill someone for their crime. This makes anyone who believes in capital punishment (in my mind) a hypocrite. There is no way for me to justify it.

Many say it is the will of God, but yet God said that judgment is his alone. It is the same people that say that government needs to be in the light of Christianity. Then they say the poor should not be funded by government.

I can only conclude that those who make the laws and those who speak these words are fundamentally flawed. Flawed to the point that they show be segregated from society for the good of the rest of us.

Peace - Dave.


  1. The IV was suppose to be put in by a real anesthesiologist. No one wants that job. However , it is fast and painless if done correctly.
    One apink potion to drink before the IV. 2. deaden the entry of the IV and then warn there is burning for 5 to 10 seconds. it should be exactly like it is for surgery except they are giving a lethal dose.I know that it is what it takes . they should fell nothing but a small burn for a few seconds.we had one here who reeled in pain for ten minutes. I would had sued on the family behalf . the person who did that IV did not know what they were doing. they have to know or get rid of the death penalty altogether or as you said sorta.. a glock behind the right ear works faster.

    1. I truly do not understand the death penalty. It is not justice to me, it is revenge. But in the end, is there any true justice at all?

      Far too may have been done wrong I have read. I have also read that they can be painless to a great extent if done right. People find it very strange that I think we should have the right to end out lives if suffering and at the same time do not think the death penalty is just. To me it is comparing two things that are very different.

  2. You say two wrongs don't make a right, then we kill someone for their crime and that anyone that supports capital punishment is a hypocrite....I thought I heard somewhere, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. If you believe in the "good book" you may want to check your sources.

    1. I believe in God not a book. I believe in in peace not murder. To kill is simply wrong and to cover it as Gods will or the will of society does not make it right.

  3. Fair enough, but god has killed more people out of vengeance then I care to count. I think that if you rob someone of their life, yours become forfeit and you deserve the consequences.

  4. Cant edit my previous post, didn't mean to say rob someone, I meant kill someone

    1. It's the same meaning just a bit more flair to say rob them of their life :)

      Well it all depends on what you call God. For me it's the embodiment of good and thus can do no harm. An intelligence outside of our understanding and so on... There is the saying, "and eye for an eye leaves the world blind".


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