Defender Of Human Rights

Welcome to Canada, land of the free and defender of human rights all over the world. You can see how we stand for the rights of all people just by looking around. But wait, do not look at the First Nations peoples communities, for if you do you will see an atrocity in the making. Many of them have no or little education facilities. Many of them live in hosing that rivals the third world in lack of safety. Many of them do not have enough money to feed their children proper food. The gangs are out of control and taking the futures of youth away on mass. What does our great leader Stephen Harper do when he hears about this? He starts to condemn the same people that his government and many other governments before it have failed in so many ways. Yes I am a white person and can’t fully understand the problem as I am removed from it. But I have to speak up and be heard as we all have to be. This is important and there needs to be changes for the sake of a people who are becoming lost. Speak up now!


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