I tip my hat to you :)

Well most people that know me or read this blog know I don't like the union thing much. But I have to say that the folks that look after Mom are top notch. The one did not know how to put on her regulator and I thought that odd... But I then realized that most people don't think like me and it is not obvious to say the least. There are a lot of things I tend to find easy that most people don't. Then again there are things that others do I don't get at all. We are all different after all.

They are so friendly there and they are so caring. It's so much not like the one ward mom was on in the hospital... But that too seemed to get fixed after I did a vlog and a blog post on it and someone sent it to the hospital :) Ya know, I know it's hard when your busy some days to show the love - but it is important. These people where Mom is do show the love :)

People see them standing there (and I was one of them) at the nurses station and say, "why don't they go do something"? Well communication is the key in their job, and there it is - communicating.

So what am I saying here? We all mess it up and we all get it wrong. But if your willing to say, "I got it wrong" then your above most...

One nurse found this blog and she did not seem to impressed to me... I wonder why? Well - when you share everything you think, sometimes people get pissy with you.

To change topics - Mom seems to be talking to others in there now. I think the staff sent them her way and I thank them for doing it. She has her TV set up now and likes to watch the news. They get a deal on cable there so it's not that much for I think 50 channels or so. Oh and speaking of TV... I got her a 32inch HD TV for $298. That was a good deal - I was looking at the smaller ones and my friend pointed me over to the 32inch. It was a bit less. That was cool.

I am so happy that she is happy there for the most part. Some days she will be not so happy and be not so able to understand things. This is the nature of what is wrong with her. But she is in no pain. Thank God for the no pain part. I see her almost every day and at night she calls me. I will so miss that call of hers to say good night one day. But this is where she needs to be, they are keeping her health. She can't get all the help she needs at home, it's not possible.

So to end this, "hugs to all the staff that keep my Mom healthy and relatively happy" :)


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