Mom Update.

So have not done a blog in ages. I have done a tone of videos over on YouTube, but not a blog. So here it is.

Well Mom is not in a care home here in town. She is settled in and as happy as she is going to be. She does not seem to want to get to know some of the others there or to go to the activities room. I wish she would go do things; she would have a much better time that way. They did crafts from what I saw yesterday – I could be wrong. I love crafts myself and I know she would enjoy herself if she just got over this need of hers to be alone. It started when Dad died 19 years ago and she never got over it. There are lots of nice people her age in my building and she used to live here as well. She never really got to be friends with any of them. She missed out.

But she is well and I know for a fact she would have been in the hospital again or worse if she was not in the care home. She did not take care of her meds well when she was home. I tried to do it for her but she would not let me. I also tried to get her a pill organizer and she would not have any part of it. She had the habit of doing things she should not be doing as well, like cleaning the place by herself. She knows that a friend of mine would have done it for $15 but there she was doing it.

The staff at the home are great people and seem to care a lot. They do the best job they can and I do think there could stand to be more of them. Then again the same can be said for the hospital as well. I had some complaints about the hospital to say the least in the past, but it has shaped up a lot in my mind. There is still that one lady in charge there on the medical floor that rubs me the wrong way. But then again she saw what I had to say about here.

I heard one person say that the place Mom is in was in bad shape. Well it’s dinged up a bit, but that is going to happen. People run into things with their chairs and carts and so on. It will happen so nothing to complain about there I say. If you paint it all fresh it will be scraped up in no time. The phone lines though are not good. I have to bitch about that here. They are not the right wire and from what I am told the room that had the board in it that all the wires come to is scary LOL. I know an installer and he tells me that it’s a mess in there and could stand to be replaced and modernized. This is not going to happen to say the least. No money for that. So Mom gets a distorted sound now and then and it’s from a bad connection or noise getting into the line. I am sure there is no filtration on the lines there. Oh well, if I hang up and call back it usually goes away.

The people there seem to be nice – the residents that is. Well most of them, there was this one grumpy guy – but you will get that. Lots of smiles to be had there though. I seen this one lady with this plush toy that looks like a sunflower and man she loved that thing. This is so nice to see, people should be happy and most of them seem to be to me. I am sure it is boring though, it has to be. But if it keeps up with the nice weather I am going to push Mom outside for some air.

We went shopping last week and she loved it. She got 3 tops and 2 pants for $58 so not bad there and they look good. I got her some undies the next day as well. I also got her a nice set of ear rings. I ordered her a thing that you can clip on your ears and hang the normal ear rings off of. This will let get have newer styles and so on as she does not have pierced ears.

Well this is long enough so I think I am going to sign off. Besides it’s almost time to go see Mom again. I go almost every day. The thing about being on disability that is good is I can do that. The bad thing is $200 a month for food – sigh. Oh well, I get by well enough. I have cable TV and internet after all. If I could not feed myself well, I would not have cable to say the least.

Oh one last thing. I used my air miles to get a couple of gift cards for Rexall. I got a bunch of stuff and still have $36 on the cards. I got Mom some tooth paste and a new tooth brush, but there were no pins for her there. She wanted pins for her pants that are too big. Some day we will take her shopping again and with luck we can get her more pants and get rid of the bid ones. She needs more tops as well and a blazer, she wants one.

Peace and have a good one – Dave.


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