Bad Parking And Driving Day

OK how hard is it? The yellow lines and the yellow posts are to tell you not to park there. This is where the nice folks in the scooters and wheel chairs get in to the building. Not to mention that your sticking 1/2 way into the way of traffic. Why do I see this every second time I go to the bank? All kinds of parking spots in the metered lot behind him - but then he might have to spend a quarter.

This was bad driving day to start with though. All kinds of people driving threw stop signs and so on. Oh and the 3 cars in a row that went threw the red light on Main Street. I know that at the time it was sidewalk days and the street was blocked the other way, but a law is a law - and the nice people where walking across the road at the time. Then it turned green our way and the nice people kept walking i front of us. Sigh...


  1. My son has the same problem at times.. People just don't respect the need of those who really DO have to use those spaces...

    1. No they don't they just think of them. The world ends at their fingertips...


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