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So we open a web site for video. We get a cool name and some young girls to promote it. But we must control all content 100%. That way we can be god. And if someone outside our little bubble is different in thinking we can do videos on them. As well no sock accounts, just the one I have. I can use the ban hammer to keep them in line. I will be a hero! Praise God this is his will after all.


  1. We saw it back when Ning was free to open sites at, people got their little superior kicks out of opening Ning sites left and right, they got their vlogger friends to join but very few of those sites lasted long, because as they were sitting on the iron Throne ruling over their Ning Kingdom they forgot one important thing, HUMILITY and eventually the vlogger friends moved on to the next Ning site leaving nothing but a bad taste behind.

    When it comes to the Vlogging world there are way too many wannabe kings and not enough peasants to worship them.

  2. Very good point :) Yes it's amazing now that people pay money for this stuff that they sill act like that. Then again if you pay people off to be on the site - how can you look bad? Oh wait, I just answered my question... Never mind :) hehehe...


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