The Right To Die

So I been reading a lot about the right to die. In Canada we are starting to move closer to demanding the right from out government. In a small about of countries in the world it is in place right now. The religious folks will say that it's a sin. I have to say, how can it be?

When a person has no hope of being better and the quality of life is to a point that there is noting left but suffering, I feel they have the right to ask for death. I do not think this right should be given lightly and a quick but educated decision should be reached by a board of doctors on a case by case bases.

In special cases where the person has not the capacity to understand what is going on, I am very much at a loss as to what should be done. We have a world famous example of that in Saskatchewan where a man put his daughter to death to end her suffering. He spent some time in jail and his life was forever scared in the public eye. Ozzy Osborn did a song about him by the way.

I for one do not want to die like my mother did. A lingering death a decay over a long time is not an option to me. My fondest prayer is to do out fast with as little suffering as possible and with my mind intact. I often wonder if I would chose to end my own life if I was in her shoes. I am 50% certain I would want it to end. But 50% of me also thinks that I would fight to the last drop of life.

I have spent years thinking about this topic and I have no solution other than to say, I think people should have the choice to get medical help in ending their lives in certain circumstances.

There are many who think all life is sacred and that if God wills you to suffer then you must do so or face his wrath. I think that God is love and does not want us to spend years in pain that we can not tolerate.

I just do not know...


  1. I dont think most doctors want to deal with this because they risk the wrath of the people left behind, law suits and what not. even if the government were to approve of such thing, also the emotional torment some of the doctors could go through if they after doing it feel wrong about it.

    Should people have the right? sure if they are terminally ill but I do not foresee that happening any time soon in the civilized part of the world. IMHO.

  2. BTW keep these posts coming, this is class blogging, important issues if you ask me.

  3. Thanks man. Yes the doctors would need to be 100% behind what they are about to do or it would mess them up for sure. But I find we as humans are able to justify anything - well most people are.

  4. I am in Washington state. One of the two who has the right to die. It has been merciful and not abused here or in Oregon. a person has to have 6 months or less to live and have 3 physician physicals. They go through many questions without ever a relative present that they are not being forced into it by any way shape or form due to money ,medical costs or inhumane treatment by family or friends. It has to be one decision, the person who is dying. I have made a choice to go this way. Maybe I am a coward? Or maybe in the end or towards it I want some control. Point is to this point I have the choice. I believe that God is having an ok attitude regarding suffering and has no issue with one removing themselves from flesh. imo.

    1. I have given this topic a very large amount of thought. I have no idea how I would act in the same situation. I know when my Mum was about to die I chose to end the care that would have extended her life. She had regressed to a state that she was no longer aware. To prolong her life would not have been for her at this point as the person she was had died by then. If it where me in that situation I would hope that the person I chose to help me would make the same choice. As for God I think God is love in a pure form. No one that loves would want to force anyone who is suffering to go on where there is no hope and let them be in pain that can not be controlled. As for quality of life, I do not think anyone a coward to want to end life before the become too sick to enjoy even a small moment. Our strongest instinct is to survive - it is no small task to go against that. So no you are not a coward.


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