Boston Pizza FTW

 Blue Cheese Bacon Sirloin Burger.
Cheese Cake with Chocolate and Carmel Drizzle.

Had a feed at Boston Pizza in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Price was $26 total. The best food I have had in a while to say the least. The coffee was OK only but the burger and the cheese cake where outstanding to day the least. In fact it's one of the best cheese cakes I have had in ages. I would love to have a mix of these toppings and Kahlua on it - that would be even better.

Our server was very nice to us and I downright forgot to tip... Sigh... The other Dave was so chatty as always (LOL) and she talked with us for some time. Good thing is was not busy at the time. But as we where about to take off the people where streaming in. I don't like noisy places so we got out just in time I think. All in all it was a memorable dinner and superb food.


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