Time To Vent

There is something wrong with me and I can guess and others have guessed but I don't know what... They don't seem interested in finding it out. There are a hell of a lot of autoimmune dysfunctions that can cause what I feel - no testing. Got a test for lupus but they are not accurate and you can do 15 years before it is positive. My dad was sent home from Regina hospital and died in the car beside me as I was taking him home. They ignored him to death. My mother was told for years that she had a chest infection when it was cancer. The cancer doctor told us this was the case. She up and said they dropped the ball on this one. So she was ignored to death... Now it's my turn. I can live with it and just hope that when the pain gets out of hand more than it does now they give me something better. For now I have to take too many of them to make it so I can sleep when the pain is up high. Your not supposed to take as much as I do - but I have to or I will be in pain for days with no relief at all. It's amazing how bad things are here. A lot of Americans look to us for the answer but we are by far not the answer...


  1. Tried it all. Just no way they will take it serious. I know another person in the same situation and she is mad as hell. It's a bad place to be sick.


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