Problems In My Building (Mold)

 Leaking windows have caused the wall to be damaged.

 Even with a towel on the window there is water running down the wall.
 As you can see there is a plugin on the wall under the window. Water and power don't mix well. I am not sure but I don't think this is allowed in the first place.
 Hard to see but there is a hell of a lot of water on the casing.
 The seals are broken on the windows and they freeze up and then melt in the sun and there is water.
 Obvious mold on the window.
 Tub surround is not sealed up right and there are gaps for water to get in and damage the wall and attract mold.
This very old toilet has had the caulking around it fail and there is mold and gunk around the toilet.

In general this place is a health hazard in my mind, but I can't really afford to move to a place where I need to spend $60 or more a month on cabs to get to the store or the doctors office. I have emailed the government and will see what they have to say. 


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