So You Are Screaming At Your Mom Are You...

Oh good GOD so you are screaming at your mother after you bled her dry money wise. Sigh. The kids drained her for all she is worth and now she is broke and has to move out. Not to mention she can't really take care of herself all the time no more. She is losing her wits. They are no help at all (son and daughter). She was wondering in the hall the other day in her night shirt. The girl was off some place and so was the son. Sigh. Now they are literally yelling at mom because it's time to get the hell out and live on your own. Mummy don't got no more money to take care of you all. Sigh. Who the hell will take care of her though? She can't do it much longer, most of the time she is out of it. That makes her a danger to herself. The cops don't seem see it that way though. They where there the other night to check on her and thought it was all fine. I don't know. There seems to be no hope in this situation. The best part is the kids yelling at her that it's not their fault. Well, you will not go on assistance and you can't work. Being that you won't suck up that pride long enough to get the benefits you need from the government means to me it is your fault. And you won't even take good care of her. Shame on you both.


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