Flow of thought AKA is there a God

"God is not real because he will not show himself".

Interesting that. I don't and will never see most people in the world - yet I know they exist and they actually do. Besides that, several religious texts say something along the line of "You must believe by faith alone".

To a child, Santa is real. To a believer, God is also real. Perhaps prayer is a self fulfilling prophecy for most, but it proves to them there is a God. Even when the answer is NO to a prayer God shows his hand to those of faith.

To me there is something I can not describe in words. A design to the universe and an intelligence beyond understanding. I do not pretend to call it God. But I think we outlive the body.

Even most people who don't think there is or ever was a God want there to be one in some small part of their mind. It is a fundamental part of the human condition to look for God or at least meaning in life.

I dare to say that literally we are God in a way. We are also the face of pure evil. In the end it is our choices that make us more or less like God.

Look what has happened to the world since we stopped worrying about God. The less humanity believe in God the more twisted and sinister we get. The more greed we have. It was the fear of God that kept most in place. When that was lost we had nothing to replace it with and the world turned to anarchy and crime. There have been links made to the fall of civilizations in the past when the abandoned the Gods.

But is that it? Or it is a cycle of building up the wealth of one group over the blood of another that tumbled them? If you look at it, this is what is happening now. Less than 1% have most of the money and the rest are getting less and less able to be comfortable. When enough people stop thinking the government is working for them, then it ends.

In the end Money is our God and it is our master. We slave for it and bleed for it. We kill and offer our youth for it. That and I have no answer to the question is there more than this life...


  1. Axe, this is so profound, it really came from deep inside you. Yes, we have to have rules and guidelines or else, anarchy rules the day.

    1. Thanks :) Yes we do and we need to calm down and start to shift toward being a group instead of the self. Not completely of course, but to some extent.


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