Not Happy With Parks & Recreation

I am saddened to see that this image got past so many people and made it's way into the homes of people in Moose Jaw. Her crotch is showing on her tights. Why was this image selected? Maybe I am being to protecting, but in my mind this should never have been published with that image. I do hope very much that this is not a local child and instead a stock photo from some place else. Just not good. I am very not alone with that thinking. I showed the image or sent the link to many people. They where all upset with it. This is not the day and age where this should be allowed any more.


  1. "not the day and age where this should be allowed any more"

    so this kind of thing was allowed at some point? let me just say that it doesn't look like her tights from a distance and makes me wonder what kind of people work in the publishing department...

    1. Yes it looks like her privates until you look close :( From the clothing this might be right out of the 1970's. Literally. But NO I am not happy with it.


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