Conspiracy Of For Profit Environmentalism

Got to love these save the world documentaries that are done for profit. The guy goes on about how meat is literally killing the planet and that they meat people might kill him over this... Meh. Yes for the amount of people that will be on earth in 50 years we literally can't afford to keep raising meat. You need 1/18th of the land to grow enough plant based protein for people as you do with meat. This includes a lot of factors. But I am not sure about the 51% of our carbon footprint being from meat... I know we need to change and the future of humanity is literally at stake. There will sooner or later be wars over resources and food will be one of them. BUT why are these earth rangers always asking for money to watch their movie or read their book? Have you ever seen a popular environmentalist book free to download? NOPE never will as well. The movies are the same, you will never see them free to download or copy. It won't happen.

That being said, I have seen groups that get no attention publish 100% of their material on the web for free consumption of the viewer or reader. The real earth warriors will always be putting it out there for us to see and it will always be free. These are also the groups or individuals that risk jail time and death to do the job. Enviro-warriors have been killed in the line of duty as it where. As well many have spent time in jail or prison over what they have done. They still spread the word on the internet for free.

There is a vast movement now to cash in on the suckers who will believe anything that is said on the internet. They publish fake stories or hate crimes, envio disaster and corruption. Why? To get you to click on their heavily ad filled web page to view a fake article that will keep you coming back to them time and time again. Pot being a sure fired cure for cancer and is being suppressed by the big pharma - Oils spill covered up - GMO leads to cancer... The list is endless. All in the hope of getting ad revenue from the masses of sheep that will click on everything and anything. The entire time, the ads are sometimes infected with spyware or a nasty virus. Every one I know that clicks these things, their computer runs nice and slow - I wonder why?

It is a shame that the real warriors that want to change things for the better are almost always ignored and the fakes willing to sell their souls for a few bucks are the ones we notice. But this is the world we live in. The ones that click the crap out of the click traps will LOL at the people who watch Fox News and at the same time are just as big a bunch of sheep. The world is being lead by profit hungry fools and we are letting them.

Peace - Dave.


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