Tried McAfee Internet Security With Shaw Cable

First off, do you like my graphic? I spent 5 minutes on it.

I recently got the Shaw Cable internet add-on "McAfee Internet Security". It's $6 a month and for what you get, it's a great deal. However, McAfee sucked a great deal of resourced. I had it on an older PC and got rid of it quickly for that reason.

I thought this PC would be fast enough at 3.4GHZ, but I guess not. I also only have 8GB of ram and the video memory takes some of that as it's an onboard card.

I ran it for a couple of days and man did it bog down my system, to an almost unusable degree. Not only did it dramatically hog resources, but it increased the boot time noticeably.

It's a great tool if you have the resources to run it, but my PC is older and lacking in memory, so I guess I'm going to have to pass on this.

By the way, you get up to ten devices on the software and the modem has more protection as well. It works on Windows, iOS and Android devices. My phone and tablet had no problem with it, but the PC sure as heck did. So I canceled it and got back to using just the Windows Security.

You will have to use a removal tool to get rid of it all the way on your PC, or it will leave part of it's self running in the background for no valid reason after uninstalling. On the phone or tablet, you need to go to your apps in settings and uninstall from there, as it needs to be deactivated and uninstalled and doing it from the launch screen will not work.

I should have guessed the PC would not like it. I knew it took massive resources to run and I had limited resources to give it. But live and learn.



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