Now they gots to be anil probate'n us...

OK out to Wally World and guess what it's piddling on us again... Oh wait I mean still - Day 4 of drizzle with a smattering of torrential downpours. So anyways... We gets there and have to drive around the carts. Seems someone had way too much time. All the other cart corrals are empty, laving this one willed to overflowing. Ah the endless energy of youth. At least I hope that is what it is. Otherwise it's them UFO people come'n to mess wit us again. We don't want no more anil probates... It's not enough they engenered us from them their monkey folk. Now they gots to be anil probate'n us...

OH GOD! Not again! I just channeled an internet whack job again!


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