Look the right wing speaks stupidly...

The best thing is I have faced physical violence for standing up for gay rights. I was stabbed for speaking my mind. And I am a coward for not standing with someone who condones violence against someone they don't agree with? The topic if this thread was how it is a "violation of free speech" to arrest someone for threatening to shoot someone they did not agree with. When the comment was made that we need to go back to the law of the gun like in the 1800's - I could not stand by this person any more. This is the reason that the USA is such a violent land and has no hope of equal rights for all ever. They say that all races are equal then they enslave most minorities with poverty and feed them crap that makes them turn to crime as a way of life. But the aptitude of equality has some how caused 9/11 and the raping of children by the catholic church... To use the term impudence and narrow mindedness in this light is to say that Hitler had a good idea... This is in fact the very save voice of hate I can not tolerate and nor should any thinking person.


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