Another Day And More Pain

Well Mom has appointments Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I don’t see the Dr. till Thursday. So there is something to do every day this week but today... I wanted to rest and try to get the pain in my back and legs down a little. Can’t do it though – Mom wants to go shopping! I can’t seem to instill in her how much pain I am in – some times I am white with pain and she don’t see it... Others will look at me as if to say, “man are you alright” – but Mom don’t see it. I know she needs me, but what the heck... Every day? God I hope the Doctor gives me something that will work for the pain. When she called and told me she wants to go shopping I literally felt sick... The worst thing is I am trying hard to drop some weight, and things like this make me want to eat till I pass out. Why can’t I make her see what is going on with me. She seems to get it, then she does this... Man I fell like hell right now and this does not help at all. I feel like screaming and tossing a chair out the window. But that won’t fix anything. Sigh... Time to kill my liver with some Tylenol and go to Moms I guess...

Peace – Dave.


  1. Oh Dave I hear you! I don't know why some people are tuned into others feelings and some people just don't get it. It's doubly bad for you cuz your mom maybe is so focused on her own things, she is missing your very real suffering. I'm sure you tried talking to her a few times....I'm not sure what else you can's being between a rock and a hard place...I'm just sorry you are suffering so much. I hope the doctor can help you when you go in a few days. Nobody should have to suffer pain, especially chronic alters your life and your very soul....
    Love Kim(Ikimification)


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