YouTube Playground.

Stating the obvious is not a burn. Calling a 430lb man fatty is like pointing at a wall wan saying wall. It’s like going up to someone dressed in yellow and saying yellow. Oh I long for the days of intelligent people who knew how to give a good burn and it was always funny. The other thing is spelling something wrong just to look cool is so stupid. This only shows that you can’t be original for one moment and have no creativity at all. Then there are the masses of kids on YouTube who will take someone else’s video and post it to try and get, “a popular video”. Sigh – the only thing less intelligent is the hoard of comments saying the video is stolen. YouTube is the playground of the foolish who will set their hair on fire to be “famous”. It is also the playground of those who will post random crap on random videos to try and get the attention they will never have in real life. Yes real life. There is the rub. For the majority of YouTube users’ real life is online and not in the world they have never seen. To go and see the flowers in the park would be a waste of time as they would not know that they are seeing a miracle.

But then there is the vloggers who share their lives and support others. These are the ones that make YouTube a great place to be. These are the ones that show you there is intelligent life on the internet. Thank God for the wonders and horrors they have shared with the world. To enlighten and to support others is a great gift. This is why we will always win.


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