Stick that smoke in you but...

So the smell of cigarette smoke fills the air in my bathroom. You see all the vents are on one line to the outside. So the smell carries from one place to the next. The thing is there is a clause in the lease that states there is no smoking in the building or within ten feet of the entry ways. I hate the smell of that disgusting thing. It is not only repugnant but it also reminds me strongly of the slow death of my Mother. She died of lung cancer. It was a horrible site to see. She faded away growing more skinny and less with it all the time. In the last two weeks she did not even know who I was. I spent two years of my life caring for her only to see her slowly drift out of reach and have to hand her over to a care home. Then to see her fade to bone thin and die before my eyes. That is what the vile smell of your disgusting addiction to a drug does to me. It brings the memory of her dead to the front of my mind every single day I smell it. If I find out who it is I will dime their ass out to the manager in a heartbeat and see them put out. Keep it outside where it belongs. Keep your cancer causing crap out of my lungs. And screw you for reminding me of my deepest loss.


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