There is more to reality than what we know.

Our world, our lives are only a shadow of reality. We see a thin layer of paint on a vast universe that is beyond words. If we lose the concept of self and time and pain and want, we can get to other layers of reality that are fare different than this world. For all we know and are sure of, is just a dream. There is far more than we can know in a million million life times. We have always been and will always be. There is no beginning or end to existence. When we die, we change only where we are. The new reality that we will know may leave us unaware of this existence, but it is shaped by all we do and think now. Time is not real, it is imposed. The flesh is transitory. Pain is imposed by perception. The world can change around us if we only allow it to do so and wish it to do so without the limitation of fear. Death has no meaning but life must be the most sacred of all things to us. Every time you chose to do something or think something about yourself or others or the world or reality, then it alters everything and you slip into another existence. Many of the old things will still be there, like people and things - but it is not the same. When you can escape time and pain and what this world tells you is true then you can see your future beyond this life.

Peace - Dave :)


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