I Am Us

I am.
I have always been.
I will always be.
There are limits and no limits at the same time.
I am all things and all beings.
At the same time I am in all things and all beings.
The reality of us is more than this world.
The reality of us had and will exist for limitless time.
Out reality will never end and is not limited by what this body knows as real.
If you can think of it, it exists.
If you can think of it, you have experienced it.
We are vast and we are small.
We are all things and we are nothing.
All faces of God are real.
All faces of life are real.
All things are life, even those things this world thinks as a think are alive.
The only true reality is love.
Hate is a limitation of this world and does not exist in the reality of one.
You are me and I am you.
We are I and I am us.
The body is a dream and there is nothing important but the mind in this world.
There is nothing and there is all things at once.
Only two states exist in reality, Light and Dark.
We are both and our existence flows from one side to the other.
The ultimate point of existence is to be pure Light.
To shed the reality we think is real is to grow.
All things are important and we are those things.
To own is nothing.
To give is all.
Be Light.


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