Avast Refund Request...

So on Feb 2, 2014 I ordered Avast Internet Security online from their store for $29.99. They advertise a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. So I did not like the product and decided not to use it as it did not live up to my expectations. I look up in the help section of their page on how to get a refund. Then I am told to "look up the order here" and I did. The next step was to "click the request refund link" - well there was no link for that at all. In the forum they said to do something different all together. So I followed the steps. Now after a week of waiting I am told they can NOT process the refund and I have to contact sales with the following info (see attached images). So much for "no questions asked" by the way... Although I see the words "no questions asked" have vanished from the web page. I have little hope that I will be getting the refund at this point. I have seen far too many people complaining on forums here there and everywhere that they can not get them to refund the money. There are even a few on their Facebook page complaining that they can't get a refund.


  1. SO if they ask no questions why do they want you to give a reason for the refund?

    1. I asked them that in the email... Wonder if I will get an answer?


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