Go and be Happy

Go and be Happy
David S. Nicholson – June 1, 2014 – 6:44 pm

If you think that in life there are sides to stand on, you have already lost.
If you mind is filled with the actions of others to the point that you cannot enjoy your day, you have already lost.
If when you go online it’s to see if others are talking about you, you have already lost.
If you spend any time at all on those you think are the enemy, you have already lost.
Life is not a battle.
Life is a journey.
See the day as a wonder.
Even the rain gives life.
The storm had power and beauty.
But often all we see if the dark clouds.
We never see the sun that is always there for us.
We are meant to be as one not at each other’s backs.
Forgive what has been done and move on.
Take the flower and smell it.
Let those who would be angry dwell in their anger.
It is not for you to save them.
You cannot reach someone who does not want to reach for you.
Love them and hope one day they will love themselves.
Live for joy and always be ready to lend a hand.
You never know when someone will need you.
If you are spending your time on anger, you are not spending it with those who need you.
Be of Love and of Light.
Go and be happy.


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